How Labor Marketplaces Differ From Traditional Staffing Agencies

Labor marketplaces vs Old School staffing. What's the big deal?

How Labor Marketplaces Differ From Traditional Staffing Agencies

If you are in the staffing industry and wondering what the future looks like, you will need to understand what a labor marketplace is. This article will talk more about that after we first get on the same page about what traditional staffing looks like right now.

Traditional Staffing Process

Traditional staffing usually looks something like this:

  • Client contacts staffing company account manager to place an order for a worker.
  • Recruiter puts the order into a scheduling software.
  • Recruiter searches for a candidate in their Applicant Tracking System.
  • Recruiter arranges an interview with the client.

It is a rather rigorous process with multiple steps involved from the time a client contacts the staffing agency until the right candidate is vetted and assigned to the shift.

Labor Marketplace

By moving your business to a labor marketplace, you are now offering an on-demand model of staffing, where the process of a client placing an order, and that order getting filled, is much faster.  The same steps exist, but in a different process that cuts down on the time between an order being placed and fulfilled.  The steps to the process would look something like this:

  1. Recruiter/marketing team advertises the platform to bring in candidates for the job types they will be offering
  2. Recruiters vet the candidates to ensure they are qualified and can be assigned to work an order that comes in
  3. Clients place an order and the platform instantly connects that order to the pre-qualified candidates

Let’s take a deeper look at just how this works.

Candidate Recruiting Process

Your recruiter will advertise and market job types to attract talent to your platform.  For example, the candidate would see a job for a Registered Nurse, and be invited to create a profile on your platform via a link to your platform's website.  When the candidate has uploaded all their information, your recruiter will invite them for an interview with the click of a button, and vet them before they are approved and added to your workforce, also with the click of a button.  

Client Experience

With an on-demand software platform (like Wolf), the process would begin with a client creating an account on your platform, where they will enter in their payment information.  Once their account is created, then they can place an order for a specific job type.  Let's say that a healthcare facility needs a Registered Nurse for a weekend shift.  The client simply orders a nurse. The platform with its artificial intelligence algorithm will take care of the rest.  More on that coming up.

A.I.  The Future of On-Demand Staffing

The magic brain behind your platform is what will allow you to offer your clients a candidate within minutes.  Once your client places an order, your platform will automatically start to search your pre-authorized workforce and assign a candidate that is qualified and interested for the client's shift.  

As you can see there will be a shift in how the staffing industry conducts business.  As staffing companies realize they can serve clients in a faster fashion and automate much of the process, it will only be a question of if you can not afford to not enter into the labor marketplace model.