Top 10 Features in True SPaaS Staffing Software [Infographic]

Transform Your Staffing Experience: Discover SPaaS and its Powerful Features from Workforce Management to Instant Pay.

1. Worker’s App: iOS and Android apps for workers to browse jobs, pick up shifts, clock-in and out, and get paid.
2. Client Platform: Clients can post jobs at any time, approve timesheets, pay invoices, and more from their own platform.
3. AI-Powered Hiring & Scheduling: Eliminate hiring bias with AI-powered job matching & save valuable admin time with automated scheduling.
4. Instant Pay: Workers get paid right away and straight to their phones with Instant Pay.
5. Onboarding & Credentialing: Workers create a profile & upload their resume, credentials and licenses, and complete onboarding documents.
6. Timesheets & Approval: Timesheets with automated calculations and error-checks to ensure that approval is a breeze.
7. Workforce Management: Think of an ATS but smarter with AI. Access your entire workforce and manage vetting, communication, and more.
8. Invoicing & Billing: invoices create themselves and payments roll in on schedule - like clockwork.
9. Order & Schedule Management: Dashboards to post orders and manage schedules including shift time, cancelations, replacements, and more.
10. Marketing Tools: Fully white-label software to brand landing pages. Referral programs to attract the most qualified workers. And more…