Job Seeker Experience - Walkthrough

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How it works for your candidates.

Finding work should not be a job itself. An experience designed with your candidates in mind, with one goal: To make finding work completely friction less. Everything candidates need is right at their fingertips.


Candidates Signup

Candidates can simply upload their resume and get started. They can provide all the onboarding documentation and respond to all the custom questions that you need from your workforce.


Your Team Reviews

(Configurable)Your team reviews or invites the candidate for an interview. Eventually authorizing the candidate to work.


Start Receiving Opportunities

Candidate will start getting notifications about opportunities that they are best suited for.


Request to Work

Candidate can request to work for any or all available opportunities.


Assign to Shift

Candidate gets assigned to work either by your recruitment team or by the platform automatically.


View Upcoming Schedule

Candidate can view their schedule to work in one place with all the information they need (location, reporting supervisor, etc..).


Check-in & Check-out

Candidate can check-in and check-out for a shift right from their account and log their own timesheets.


Get Paid

Candidate can connect their bank account to your platform and receive their payments directly in their bank as per your payout schedule.

Candidates are free to choose the channel that works for them.

Freedom of Choice

Let your candidates choose the best channel that works for them. All the channels are connected to one central platform.

IOS/ Android Apps

Branded apps for your job seekers on iOS & Android.

Web App

Responsive web platform allowing your candidates to sign-up from their computer or phone.

Chatbot Messenger

ChatBot that can be deployed through text messages or Facebook Messenger.

iOS / Android app walkthrough.

demo platform app loading
application job location view
application nearby job list
Application home page/login
appliacation create profile