What are labor marketplaces?

Online marketplaces are how future workforces will find work and get paid. These Marketplaces allows clients looking to hire to find qualified and pre-vetted candidates ready to work without any need for lengthy processes. Clients simply post an order to the job marketplace and the platform begins matching the order with qualified candidates. No input required.

Start your own marketplace

Labor marketplaces are a trillion dollar opportunity. With Wolf - starting your own labor marketplace is easier than ever. You get your own branded white label apps and marketplace - ready in under an hour.

Clients: Looking to hire

Self Service for clients looking to hire.

Here is where clients looking to hire can easily place orders/request for workers.  Your marketplace then matches them immediately with qualified pre-vetted workers. Clients can also go here to approve timesheets, pay invoices, rate provided staff, and much more.

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Candidates Looking for Work

iOS / Android apps for candidates

Branded apps for your candidates looking to work. They can signup, complete onboarding, provide credentials all from one app. First they will receive opportunities to work that matches their profile and vetted skillset. If they request to work a shift and get accepted they can then view their schedule, check in/out, and even get paid right from their phone.


AI to match, notify and hire candidates

A powerful AI that works behind the scenes to automatically find the perfect candidate for each job. It can also be set up to do reminder texts for candidates (check in, upcoming shift, etc), set up standby staff, and even answer your workers questions via a chatbot.

automated billing and payments
intelligent notification for a business

God Mode dashboard to manage your business.

You get one dashboard to manage your entire business. From Marketing to Accounting to managing your workforce. Everything in one central place for your entire team.

Get all the tools you need

Get all the tools and expertise you need to launch your own labor marketplace. The future of staffing is here. Join the on-demand revolution today.

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Ratings & Reviews

Automatically collect ratings and feedback from clients or supervisors after jobs are completed. The platform automatically uses this data for future recommendations.

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Check-ins & Timesheets

Bye, bye paper time sheets, and hello to knowing your staff have made it to the event on-site and on-time. Your platform alerts you about potential no-shows and starts finding replacements.

Billing & Payments

Pay staff directly. No more paper checks or hours determining outstanding balances. Automatically charge credit cards and create invoices for clients.

Interview Scheduler

Enter available slots for interviews every week. Would you like to interview a candidate? Just click invite. Your platform will reach out to schedule them for the next available date and will remind them at right time.

Reconfirmations & Assistant

Your platform works like an assistant. It reconfirms and identifies potential no shows, proactively getting stand-by staff in case of a no-show.

Feature Marketplace

It's your platform, make it yours. We completely customize it for you. Need to add or remove some feature? Visit our marketplace to do that with a click.

Launch your marketplace now.

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