Launching your own labor marketplace is now as easy as 1,2,3.

From healthcare to light industrial, browse the marketplace examples to get inspired and get started.

Healthcare staffing
Hospitality staffing

Light industrial
staffing platform

Top Sectors for Marketplaces

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Domestic staffing

Dental staffing

Office staffing platform

Healthcare staffing platform

On demand healthcare is the fastest growing sector in the current marketplace. But, you already knew that. That’s why now’s the time to make a name for yourself with all the hospitals and clinics in your region.  After all, a hospital is nothing without its staff.  Provide rapid delivery of nurses, doctors, and more.

healthcare staffing platform

Traveling nurse staffing platform

Travel nursing on demand platform

Travel nursing,
but better.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take every nurse you’ve ever worked with and notify them about new travel contracts? Or how about replacement nurses to your client’s hospital that just had 3 nurses call off? Of course it would. That’s why you have Wolf.

Branded Domestic Staffing Agency Software

Help your local families to find trusted help they need. You curate and vet the workforce and your families get qualified trusted staff.

Maternity nurse

Dental staffing

Dental Staffing Software

Offer Dentists, dental assistants, and more to local dental clinics faster than you can say root canal
(and less painful too).

Dental staffing on demand platform

Hospitality Staffing Platform

Restaurants & Catering businesses

Launch your own hospitality staffing platform.

Help local restaurants and catering companies to find qualified bartenders, servers, waiters and other staff.

Hospitality on demand platform

On-demand Restaurant staffing platform

On-demand restaurant staffing platform

If you’ve ever worked at a restaurant, you know the pandemonium just one call off can cause. Step in to fill those voids and be fast friends with all the biggest restaurants in town.  Make their day with rapid access to servers, runners, bartenders, dishwashers, hosts and more.

Restaurant staffing on demand platform

Event staffing

Event Staffing  on demand platform

Life of the party (literally)

From offering servers and bartenders to a local birthday party to staffing mega events like burning man. Help event companies with the right staff and the manpower they need (As long as its not fire festival).

Catering staffing

Serve up the best, leave out the rest.

Help local caterers find the right staff to match their brand. Stand out from all the other catering companies with employees encompassing the suave of Michelin star restaurants and the efficiency of an entire division of schedulers (just kidding, that’s what Wolf is for). From scheduling to reconfirmation and replacement your next platform will have it all and do it all automatically.

Catering Staffing on demand platform

Nanny and Au Pair

Babysitter Staffing on demand platform

Offer babysitters on demand

Set comprehensive requirements, preferences, and more to deliver the dream nanny your client’s family has been waiting for.  Woman? No problem.  Young or old? Easy.  British? But of course! Canadian? Eh!

Retail Staffing

Help your local retailer get the right staff at a moments notice

Anyone who has ever worked retail knows JUST how reliable the employees can usually be. Bad for businesses, great for you! Be the first one ready to send help when your clients retail worker’s inevitably have a “cold.”  Cashiers, stockers, assistant managers, you can be master of all!

Retail Staffing on demand platform

Placement department

Placement Staffing on demand platform

Where and when it counts

The right people where and when your clients need them most. Supplied by your very own brand, completely white label, all yours.  

Customer service

Speed and Smiles

It’s the name of the game in the customer service world.  It’s easy to find people with a customer service mindset.  You know what’s not easy?  Finding those people and getting them at a moments notice... just when your client needs them! Don’t leave your clients’ phones (literally) hanging. With Wolf you can make sure they ALWAYS have the people they need on standby and ready to serve their customers at a moments notice.

Customer service Staffing on demand platform

Warehouse and Light Industrial staffing platform

Warehouse Staffing on demand platform

Who wouldn't want to drive a forklift?

Help local warehouses find and schedule certified & vetted staff. From fork lift operators to picker packers. As they say, working with fork-lifts is quite uplifting...

Oil, gas, and electrical staffing

Give me Power or
give me Death!

When your clients are losing potentially millions in a day due to an injury or hole in their workforce...imagine how much they will love you if your temporary staffing platform is the first one always ready to send pre-qualified and ready workers their way. Now that’s priceless.

Oil, Gas, power Staffing on demand platform

Tech & Engineers staffing

Tech engineer on demand platform

Can we fix it? Yes YOU can!

Be the superhero your clients need.  With a Wolf on demand staffing platform you can have top quality, vetted engineers and techies ready to put out fires before companies can say “why didn’t we hire that engineer last month ;)”

Cruise staffing

Set sail, matey!

Oy matey.  Yer clients be sailin the ‘igh seas with n’er a fear their laddies be leavin’em astray.  Yer expeditions be bountiful an’ a plenty, with only the best maties linin up and scheduled ‘aboard ‘fore ye can stop an’ shiver yer timbers.

Cruise Staffing on demand platform

Yacht staffing

Yacht Staffing on demand platform

I’m on a boat!

Here’s a riddle: What’s better than a pina colada on the deck of the fanciest boat around?  Rhetorical question...nothing’s better!  Pina coladas are easy...but you know what’s not easy?  Your clients getting the staff they need every time well ahead and up to the day of the expedition. That’s where you could come in.  
No bartender school required.

Modeling agency

Partners to the end. Beauty and the beast.

Launch platforms to help models and brands find each other. From fashion shows to fit modeling, your platform can be the runway connecting your clients’ needs to your pool of dream talent.

Modeling Staffing on demand platform

Substitute teacher staffing

Teacher Staffing on demand platform

Even teachers need vacations

Let your schools post requests for teachers at 5 am and have a teacher show up before school even starts. On-demand substitute teachers is the fastest way to connect schools with teachers.

Promotion Staffing

Offer promotion staff to brands

Launch your marketplace to help brands get promotion staff for promotions, events and other brand experiences.

Promotion Staffing on demand platform

Designer staffing

Designer Staffing on demand platform

The platform we created just for us

Just kidding. But seriously if we have learnt anything in the past 2 years it’s the power of a good designer!  Don’t let your clients feel the pain (we felt) designing this website!  Have them professional designer ready to go and deliver in a moments notice.  Bring your own design platform online today, we (and the world) need you!

Logistics staffing

The platform to keep the world moving.

Help shipping companies to trucking companies get the right staff when they need it, So we  keep getting goods we need. Help logistics companies get temporary and flexible staff.

Logistics Staffing on demand platform