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Build what you imagine, without compromise.

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  • 2020

    Year founded
  • $30M

    Total funding
  • 120

    Team members

Our core Behaviors

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Build what you imagine...

Everything you need to build a world-class responsive website. Duis cursus, mi quis viverra ornare, eros dolor interdum nulla, ut commodo diam libero vitae erat. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique.

...without compromise.

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World-class responsive website.

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A unified platform for all your stakeholders

Job Seeker Apps

Candidates can complete onboarding, request to work and get paid straight from their phone.

Internal Team Dashboard

Manage your business with full visibility of your clients, workforce, and what’s happening in between.

Client Platform

Your clients can place orders, review rosters and timesheets, and rate their preferred talent.

Your workers can receive push notifications whenever you need. Best yet, allowing them to pick their opportunities means that worker engagement and satisfaction will be higher than ever. Who wouldn’t want to work that sweet new concert or venue that opened up in town?
Whether you are just starting out or an established player, it should be every event staffer’s goal to lock in recurring events. Wolf’s platform makes it super easy to group workers or send out work requests to every worker that worked previously. What a timesaver!
The clock is on! You have a deadline and you need to make sure you have enough staff for the hot new event in town. But you are worried about call-offs and no-shows. Well, my friend, do I have news for you. Wolf automatically screens for workers who could potentially put you in this position. The system will be working day and night to ensure you have a lineup of backup staff just in case somebody gets the Friday flu. Why stay up worrying all night? Leave it to your new white label AI!
Why are foot models legends? They have achieved incredible feats

Whether you are an existing company covering the biggest events in town or a new guy working his way up - Wolf can be the redbull you need to really get the party going!


faster fill rates

Fill orders within hours if not minutes (instead of days)


lower cancellations & no-shows

AI powered reliability index identifies no-shows proactively.

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and we got more...

AI Talent Matching

Matching with the most qualified candidates based on experience, interest, availability, and location.

White label

Platform for your clients, your own iOS/android apps with your own brand. Fully White label.

Shift Scheduling

Multiple calendar and roster views to oversee who’s scheduled and shifts that need assigning.


Customize onboarding questions, embed training videos, and add document uploading to meet the specific needs of each job.


Review and manage expiring credentials to stay up to date with compliance regulations.

Reviews and Ratings

Use ratings to improve performance & offering exceptional experience.

Payments & Financials

W2 employee or independent contractors. Invoice your client and pay your workers with a click.

Reporting & Insights

Keep track of your business and make data-driven decisions with ready-made financial and activity reports.


Why Wolf?

Wolf SaaS on-demand marketplaces have helped 200,000+ job seekers find flexible work in their communities, while helping over 7,000 hospitals, restaurants, and families find the nurses, servers, and babysitters they need and we’re growing fast.

How do I learn more about on-demand staffing?

You're in luck- we wrote a book! Read more about what on-demand staffing is and how it's shaking up the traditional staffing process.

How do I learn more about the Wolf product?

Book a free demo call today to see how Wolf is your next on-demand staffing solution to drive business profitability and help make an impact in your staffing industry. Enter your email address at the top of the page to start.

Is my business size a good fit for Wolf?

We offer customized solutions for staffing companies ranging from start-up, small to mid-size, and enterprise.

What integrations does Wolf offer?

Our integrations include tools for CRM marketing as well as SMS text messaging and push notifications. We’re happy to recommend additional API integrations as needed to best support your business goals.

Does Wolf offer customer assistance and support?

Wolf team members are dedicated to answering your questions quickly. We offer live chat support, Wolf Knowledge Base help articles, and implementation specialists who work directly with you to ensure full support during platform onboarding and beyond.

What is Wolf’s pricing?

We offer pricing plans ranging from Start-Up, Pro, to Enterprise-level based on your needs. We customize your package with the features and level of support needed to grow your business to the next-level. Pricing quotes are available on a per-account basis following our deep dive call.

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