Smart Payroll Designed for Work Marketplaces

So smart it runs itself.

  • Automated Compliance: Work orders in different states? No problem. Automated compliance takes care of everything.
  • Automated Tax filing: We automatically calculate your payroll taxes and file them with the IRS and other federal, state, and local agencies at the right time.
  • End to End automation: From order to filling shifts to billing your clients, to capturing timesheets to calculating taxes and paying salaries. We got it covered.

Empowering people, white label software

"Effortlessly scale from one employee to hundreds of thousands”

automated billing and payments

No time for timesheets

When your team clocks in and out via your app, the platform instantly calculates hours, breaks, overtime, taxes—and syncs it all to payroll to help you avoid mistakes.

Save the Trees

Go paperless. Not only can your employees onboard completely via their phone - all of their tax, filings, and other bookkeeping can be accessed easier than grandma's cookie jar.

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Less Errors, Less Stress

Payroll mistakes can stress your candidates and add even more to your workload. Make forgotten forms, timesheets, and signatures a thing of the past.

No integrations, no hassle. Payroll just done.

The best user experience is no user experience. Running payroll shouldn't be hard. Get your employees paid with less stress and less time.

* Full 1099 and W2 Capabilities

* Free Onboarding and Live support

* Completely White label

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