ATSĀ is Old School.
Introducing Master Console.

Everything you need to manage your business available in one central dashboard or right on your phone.

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Tools for success for your and your team.

Everything you need to know about your business at a glance.

From ongoing orders, to staff assigned today or tomorrow, to workforce status. Everything at your fingertips right away. Helping you jump into wherever you are needed.

god mode dashboard
god mode dashboard

Post an order on behalf of a client

Your clients can directly post orders from their own platform, but just in case your team can do so on behalf of them as well.

Create orders with the type of staff, location, and shift details. Control the granular details about the order such as the bill rate, pay rate, and visibility to for example.

on demand platform posting order
god mode dashboard

View Available Candidates

Your AI platform does the magic and finds out who is available for a given order.

You can see at a glance all your candidates, who are available, unavailable, and already working on which days.

on demand platform viewing candidates

Complex orders

Ongoing Complex Orders. We make it easy to manage those as well.

Quickly hover over the available candidates and see which candidate is available for which days and assign the right candidates with just a click.

on demand platform managing order types
god mode dashboard

Mission Control

See everything you need to see, do everything you need to do.
From one single view.

This one view tells you everything that is happening in your business right now, which orders need your attention, who has checked in or not, everything you might need to do is right here.

on demand platform top down view
god mode dashboard

Ratings & Reviews

Your clients can review and rate candidates. And so can you, on their behalf.

From mission control you can: reconfirm a candidate, check-in and check-out on behalf of a candidate, review and update hours, approve hours, rate candidates, and make payments as well.

on demand platform rating a candidate
god mode dashboard

Build your Workforce

Intelligent profiles. We mean it. No more endless tagging, platform recommends automatically what job candidates are good at and you can accept or modify its understanding.

We automatically extract skills for each candidate, a brief bio, collect references and perform reference checks, and allow you to view candidates' past and upcoming assignment along with much more.

client platform example photo
on demand platform viewing candidate

Find Who You Need Quickly

Search in your own words exactly what you need.

With the built in staffing NLP, your team can find what they are looking for using their own words.

on demand platform nearby staff
god mode dashboard