7 Things to Know before Launching your SPaaS Talent Marketplace Software

Experienced-backed advice for launching your SPaaS Talent Marketplace. You won't find these lessons in a textbook.

If you are planning to make the switch from traditional staffing methods and launch your own Platform as a Service (SPaaS), there are a few things that you should know before taking the plunge. Here are the top 10 things that you should keep in mind:

1. Have a champion from your team to lead the launch who can work independently. This could be a C-Suite leader or experienced product or technical manager. We encourage this because, just like any other launch or initiative, there is going to be upfront time that someone will need to dedicate to ensuring everything stays on track.

2. The transition from your current staffing process to an on-demand platform will not happen overnight, as ideal as that sounds. We recommend setting a timeline of 3-6 months to gradually move over. This is a step-by-step methodical process that could involve transferring client or candidate data, customizing the platform to your requirements, branding, and training your users.

3. There will always be clients who want full-service and a white glove staffing experience. But, it actually is more time and cost efficient to offer a self-service platform. You can show this to them by explaining how with self-service, they can place as many job orders as they’d like at any time, and use order templates so they can place an order within a few clicks. They no longer need to wait for a recruiter to get to them in their queue of orders, and there is no back and forth communication needed, they can set all of their requirements and job details directly on the platform. The shifts will get filled faster too, because candidates are notified as soon as they place the order.

This means that for those clients who prioritize a white-glove service, your team will now have more time to focus on their needs and building long-lasting relationships with them because the platform is doing the heavy lifting of the staffing process.

4. SPaaS is about scale and growth not about personalization and customized services. Surely branding and customization is a component of on-demand platforms, but where you can truly get the most bang for your buck is growth and scale. Once your platform is up and running, you will be able to exponentially increase your shift fill rates and amount of orders placed because the process is automated. With more shifts being filled faster, your business has space to scale by adding more users and spending more time on marketing and client relationships.

5. Identify jobs with high frequency and volume- these are best suited for SPaaS. The efficiency of on-demand platforms comes from categorizing job types and matching thousands of candidates to them. This is where on-demand platforms differ from project-based talent marketplaces like Upwork, where a CSS Frontend Developer for a special project is not so common. Where SPaaS shines is in it’s ability to fulfill high volumes of job orders quickly and constantly. For this, job types that are ubiquitous, such as a Nurse or Bartender, are required and work fantastic.

6. Identify the right vendor. Branding branding branding matters. Showcase your brand everywhere with a fully white-label and fully integrated on-demand platform.

7. Hire a consultant. If you don’t have an experienced product or technical manager, consider hiring a consultant to help with the transition. The investment will be worth it in the long run.

By keeping these 7 things in mind, you can start your SPaaS platform launch off strong and fuel your growth from there. If you’re interested in learning how Wolf can help launch your own white-label on-demand platform, feel free to book a free discovery call here.