Building your SPaaS Talent Marketplace Platform: A Step by Step Guide

A complete checklist for building your SPaaS Talent Marketplace Platform.

Follow these steps to create the strongest foundation possible from which you can build your SPaaS talent marketplace.

Segment and Geography

Not everyone can do everything and on-demand staffing is no exception. You need to focus and specialize. When starting, it is better to be more focused than less. It can seem enticing to offer every type of staff imaginable on-demand but it is a terrible idea. Instead of being the Swiss Army knife of staffing, companies that try to offer everything end up being more like the spork of staffing.

Having decided your segment and geography will help you immensely in understanding the next two sections.

Focused Segment

You will need to decide exactly what type of staff you will be offering, be it hospitality, medical, education, or a different industry. Getting the right level of specificity can be a challenge but it is key. It is not difficult to expand the type of staff offered later on, but at first, the more focused, the better. If you find your clients consistently asking for a type of staff instead of the one you offer, it may be best to switch to that segment. Follow the demand.

Why Focus is Key

On-demand is incredibly local, which is why it is also absolutely necessary that you choose a specific geography to operate in. The whole model of on-demand depends upon matching jobs in a given area with workers in that same area. For it to work, you must have a target geography in which you will be operating in. It is better to start laser-focused on one specific geography and segment and only expand once you are truly ready.

Target Clients & Staff

It is crucial that you have at least one or two clients locked in prior to going live with your business. You will need a workforce to fill shifts, and that means you will need to have an idea of the type of worker who will join your platform as well.

Current Competition & Business Model

Having an idea of the current state of the field in your target segment and market can help you discover what you need to do to stand above the competition. Your competition can be a great source of inspiration for what would work well or what you would maybe want to tweak for your own model.

Differentiating Factors

What makes you special? What will help you stand out to your target clients or staff versus the current competition in your geography or segment? Having a well thought out response to this may be one of, if not the most important factors which will decide your success.

To close out this lesson, spend some time reflecting on all the questions in the preceding paragraph so that you can go into the next lesson with a robust response to each of these points. These responses can certainly adapt and evolve as you continue preparing your business, but ultimately you will need to start somewhere in order to move forward.

Use the checklist below to brainstorm ideas for your own SPaaS model: