Client Portal Walk Through

Your clients need staff. Here is how their experience would be.

Self Signup


Let your clients create an account on your platform by themselves.

Payment Method

USER experience

Let your clients signup and optionally ask them to input credit cards for new retail users.

Request Staff

Place orders

Your clients can place order on your platmor with the type of staff they need, when they need and everything in between.

Order Status

assignment status

Let your clients see real time status of their orders and the staff assigned to them.


for ongoing clients

Clients can see at a glance who is coming today, tomorrow and ahead.


all things money

Your clients can see past invoice, pay for it, manage their payment methods.

Pricvate Team


Your clients can approve hours, review and rate their staff. We create private team so they keep getting back the staff they like the most.

Empower your clients.

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